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Major League Cricket and Asian-American Leisure Lifestyles: A Closer Look

major league cricket
major league cricket
MLC United States Teams

With the Major League Cricket (MLC) making its debut this year, the premier cricket league which dominated the entertainment industry for more than a decade in Asia has made an entry in the United States.

For most of the Companies and Marketers that conduct surveys on Asian communities, the conclusion is Asian-American community is diverse and hard to reach. That was true 40 – 50 years back, as Asians were considered immigrant groups, foreigners or outsiders. But, that has changed now and they are an influential community helping shape the country through their creativity, hard work and patriotism.

The introduction of MLC in The United States means that Brand Marketers and Content creators are more interested in seizing this opportunity to promote their brands. Cricket promoters know the emotional tie the consumers have with their product brand and Brand Marketers also know that the traditional method of best product & best price alone cannot win customers but they have to invest in knowing about the customer needs. Customers will show Loyalty to Brands that care about their values and the societal issues they face.

Recognized as the #1 brand of Basmati Rice and Sona Masoori Rice in America, Royal®, the U.S.-based Indian foods brand, will recognize cricket excellence through sponsorship of the inaugural award for MLC’s leading run scorer for the 2023 season.  The award for the “Royal Leading Run Scorer” will be given out on July 30, at Grand Prairie Stadium in Grand Prairie, Texas. Royal® will also provide branded giveaways to fans and serve up distinctive South Asian dishes at select MLC matches. The experience of high-energy Major League Cricket matches coupled with Royal delivers fans an authentic taste of India.

Major League Cricket Website

The list of teams participating in the first edition of Major League Cricket and their home cricket ground, some of which are also venues for the MLC, are listed in the table below. Compared to the Indian cricket stadiums that can seat 40,000 to 1,00,000 spectators, the United States cricket grounds cannot seat such a big crowd. But, the Major League Cricket or MLC Games will have live-streaming viewers from all over the world.

Major League Cricket USA Teams participating in this edition of T20 Cricket are –

Los Angeles Knight RidersIrvine, CaliforniaOrange County Great Park Cricket Stadium Knight Riders Group
MI New YorkNew York CityNew York Marine Park Cricket StadiumIndiawin Sports
San Francisco UnicornsSan Jose, CaliforniaSan Jose California Santa Clara County Fairgrounds StadiumAnand Rajaraman, Venky Harinarayan
Seattle OrcasSeattle, WashingtonWashington Marymoor Cricket Community ParkGMR Group, Satya Nadella
Texas Super KingsGrand Prairie, TexasTexas Grand Prairie StadiumChennai Super Kings, Anurag Jain, Ross Perot Jr.
Washington FreedomWashington D.C.George Mason Cricket StadiumSanjay Govil
MLC United States Teams

This blog will give an insight into the entertainment and leisure industry market in the United States.

A Survey conducted in the United States says –

on an average day, nearly everyone aged 15 and over (96 %) engaged in some sort of leisure and sport activity, such as watching TV, socializing, or exercising. Men spent more time in these activities than women (5.6 hours, compared with 4.9 hours).

The survey also reveals that older people spent more time on leisure activities–

On average, adults age 75 and over spent 7.7 hours engaged in leisure and sports activities per day–more than any other age group; 35- to 44-year-olds spent 3.9 hours engaged in leisure and sports activities per day–less than other age groups.

Which activity occupies the most time?

Watching TV was the leisure and sport activity that occupied the most time (2.9 hours per day), accounting for over half of all leisure time, on average. Socializing and communicating, such as visiting with friends or attending or hosting social events, and playing games and computer use for leisure were the next most common leisure and sports activities after watching TV.

Read the information given below, if you wish to find out how the Asian-American household spends their leisure time.

A https://www.nielsen.com/ report says, in comparison to the general population, Asian-American households spend significantly more time on digital devices than on live television. In fact, Asian Americans spend 66% of their time on computers, smartphones, and tablets, the highest ratio among all consumer segments.

This group also spends more time on TV-connected devices that require an internet connection, such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku, at 49% versus 44% of the total population.

Asian-American households are 40% more likely to be multigenerational, with elders in those households using technology shared by others in the household.

This community has also shown a strong interest in cultural-related content on streaming platforms and streaming platforms like Netflix has recognized their interests and worked upon their interest to show more diverse content on their platforms. 82% of Asian Americans subscribe to at least one streaming service compared to 72% of the total population.

Asian – American Gaming Interest.

The https://www.nielsen.com/ report also says that Asian Americans own more gaming consoles and related products than the other US Population. The other related products include gaming computers, gaming laptops, mobile phones and VR devices. 

44% of the Asian – American showed interest in puzzle games like Candy Crush played on smart mobile phones and 33% showed interest in strategic games played on computers.

Watching cricket with parents help shift hyperfixation from playing games for hours. 
Watching cricket with family, friends and neighbours.

Surely, the Game Developers won’t like to lose their Leisure Industry Market share and as America’s Major League Cricket – MLC gets popular the developers and promoters will work on strategies to maintain their market leadership. Having said that, I continue to believe that the T20 Game format, which is tailored to a task-oriented society, will have more fan followers among Asian-Americans in the United States than any other entertainment format. This tournament will also help divert the hyper-fixated young children from spending hours on their gaming consoles.

Major League Cricket Tickets Available here
Texas Super Kings vs Los Angeles Knight Riders, 1st Match, Thu, Jul 13 07:30 PM LOCAL
MI New York vs San Francisco Unicorns, 2nd Match, 2nd Match, Fri, Jul 14 03:30 PM LOCAL
Seattle Orcas vs Washington Freedom, 3rd Match, Fri, Jul 14 07:30 PM LOCAL
San Francisco Unicorns vs Seattle Orcas, 4th Match, Sat, Jul 15, 07:30 PM LOCAL
Texas Super Kings vs Washington Freedom, 5th Match, Sun, Jul 16, 03:30 PM LOCAL
Los Angeles Knight Riders vs MI New York, 6th Match, Sun, Jul 16, 07:30 PM LOCAL
Texas Super Kings vs MI New York, 7th Match, Mon, Jul 17, 07:30 PM LOCAL
Los Angeles Knight Riders vs San Francisco Unicorns, 8th Match, Tue, Jul 18, 07:30 PM LOCAL
Washington Freedom vs Los Angeles Knight Riders, 9th Match, Thu, Jul 20, 05:30 PM LOCAL
Seattle Orcas vs Texas Super Kings, 10th Match. Fri, Jul 21, 05:30 PM LOCAL
Washington Freedom vs San Francisco Unicorns, 11th Match. Sat, Jul 22, 05:30 PM LOCAL
Los Angeles Knight Riders vs Seattle Orcas, 12th Match. Sun, Jul 23, 01:30 PM LOCAL
MI New York vs Washington Freedom, 13th Match. Sun, Jul 23, 05:30 PM LOCAL
San Francisco Unicorns vs Texas Super Kings, 14th Match, Mon, Jul 24, 05:30 PM LOCAL
MI New York vs Seattle Orcas, 15th Match, Tue, Jul 25, 05:30 PM LOCAL


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