Assassin’s Creed 3 (PC)


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Ignite the revolution From Revelations to Revolution Building on the rich storyline established in previous games in the series this new entry into the Assassin&#39s Creed saga is the most expansive and ambitious offering yet bringing tantalising new revelations on the ongoing war between the Assassins Brotherhood and the Knights Templar. Set in 18th century Colonial America during the time of the Revolutionary War Assassin&#39s Creed 3 introduces gamers to a new protagonist in the form of Connor Kenway a half-English half-Native American man who becomes unwittingly drawn into the conflict after his home is attacked by colonists. Featuring a variety of significant historical figures from the period such as George Washington Benjamin Franklin Thomas Jefferson General Lafayette and King George III as well as brilliantly realised recreations of 18th century cities including Boston and New York Assassin&#39s Creed 3 continues the series&#39 tradition of bringing history vividly to life in a fresh and exciting new way with scenarios rarely seen in the world of videogames. And the action won&#39t just be confined to the cities. Players will also have the opportunity to explore the vast untamed frontier engaging in pursuits never-before-seen in the Assassin&#39s Creed franchise like hunting a variety of wild animals. You&#39ll even be able to skin the animals and trade their pelts as part of the enhanced in-game economy. There will be a variety of new weapons to play with too including bayonets bows tomahawks and rope darts. In addition to the 18th century action Assassin&#39s Creed 3 will also focus more heavily on present day events in the life of series mainstay Desmond Miles as the ever-deepening Templar conspiracy finally reaches its shocking conclusion.

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