Batman : Arkham Asylum – Game Of The Year Edition (PC)


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Utilise the unique FreeFlow combat system to chain together unlimited combos seamlessly and battle with huge groups of The Joker’s henchmen in brutal melee brawls. Investigate as Batman the world’s greatest detective by solving intricate puzzles with the help of cutting edge forensic tools including x-ray scanning fingerprint scans ‘Amido Black’ spray and a pheromone tracker. Face off against Gotham’s greatest villains including The Joker Harley Quinn Victor Zsasz and Killer Croc. Become the Invisible Predator with Batman’s fear takedowns and unique vantage point system to move without being seen and hunt enemies. Choose multiple takedown methods including swooping from the sky and smashing through walls and use the predator camera get a closer look at the action. Explore every inch of Arkham Asylum and roam freely on the infamous island presented for the first time ever in its gritty and realistic entirety. Experience what it’s like to be Batman using batarangs explosive gel aerosol The Batclaw sonar resonator and the line launcher. Unlock more secrets by completing hidden challenges in the world and develop and customise equipment by earning experience points. Enjoy complete superhero freedom in the environment with the use of Batman’s grapple to get to any place you can see jump from any height and glide in any direction.

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