Battlefield V 5 Deluxe Edition Xbox One

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Get your instant download with The top 3 reasons to play Battlefield V With the Deluxe Edition you’ll get early access to Battlefield 5 along with exclusive gear missions and weekly Airlifts! Battlefield 5 returns to the series’ World War II roots with an all-new portrayal of this historic conflict. This Battlefield is the most intense ambitious and immersive yet. Make sure you come prepared. About Battlefield 5 With the Deluxe Edition you’ll Play the game before the rest of the world giving you a headstart on your Battlefield 5 experience. Five sets of unique paratrooper outfits are included with the Deluxe Edition along with 20 weekly airlifts containing exclusive supplies and Special Assignments that bring you the closer to the action. In Battlefield V’s single-player mode you’ll deploy in different sandbox-style map locations with a variety of vehicles and weapons at your disposal. Each mission you’ll play through a different War Story and see the battlefield through the eyes of a specific soldier. Multiplayer mode features 8 different modes and 8 different ultra-detailed maps in BF5. Become a soldier in some of World War II’s most important battles with Grand Operations. Experience “The Company” in Battlefield 5: a custom collection of weapons vehicles and soldiers that you’ll personally assemble and manage. More than ever your “squad” will be crucial to your success. In Battlefield 5 the war continues well after the game’s launch. New experiences new gameplay new maps and more will be continually released after the game’s out. Read more What are the system requirements for Battlefield V? Xbox Live account Broadband internet

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