Dead Rising 4 Xbox One

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Get your instant download with CDKeys.comThis product includes Dead Rising 4.The top 3 reasons to play Dead Rising 4Photojournalist Frank West returns for more zombie-bashing action in one of the most well-known zombie game series of all time.In Dead Rising 4 there is a massive amount of weapons to wield new levels of character customization and many new features. Team up with your friends in 4-player co-op mode! Work together to scavenge explore and fight back zombie hordes in an open-world sandbox environment.About Dead Rising 4Let the slay ride beginIt’s the holiday season in Willamette CO and a mysterious outbreak has overcome the town with dangerous and deadly predators. Amidst the chaos hero Frank West returns to investigate the source but a cunning new breed of zombie is after the same evidence. Frank will have to get to the truth first—or die trying.Anything and everything is a weaponCreate your own tools of zombie destruction by creating hundreds of potential weapon combinations ranging from the practical – to the practically insane.Exo SuitRanging from the over-the-top to the completely bizarre players can arm themselves with a super-powered suit of armor with super strength and incredible fire power to take on the zombie horde. Exo Weapons allow the player to rip down part of the world and use it as a weapon – from giant pipes to parking meters.Read moreWhat are the system requirements? Xbox Live accountInternet connection for activation and online features

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