Firewatch Xbox One

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Get instant download of Firewatch on Xbox One with The top 3 reasons to play Firewatch Firewatch takes you on a fantastic journey of questions adventure and choices that ultimately form your path. This is the base game itself which contains the main storyline of a man named Henry tasked to look for any signs of smoke and fire for the protection of the wilderness. The developers have made a unique game that takes the player on a path of choices and questions as you embark on an adventure into the unknown depths of the wild. About Firewatch Firewatch starts you off in the year 1989. You play the game as Henry who is a fire lookout tasked with protecting the wilderness in Wyoming. Your job is set atop a high mountain where you can clearly see for miles away. This easily allows you to spot smoke or fire. You have a companion who is also your supervisor. However things quickly take a turn from the normal when you spot something strange. This takes your character on a wild adventure as you explore the unknown in new environments. Your character begins to face questions about the companion he calls his friend and supervisor. You quickly realize that the choices you will need to be make may alter your future and your relationship. Overall the game will feature: A gorgeous environment that expands as you widen your explorations A mystery that needs to be solved Secrets discoveries and an exciting adventure Ability to make choices for your character Read more What are the system requirements for Firewatch? Xbox Live account Broadband internet connection for online play

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