Forza Horizon 4: Deluxe Edition Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S/PC UK

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Get your instant download of Forza Horizon 4: Deluxe Edition on Xbox One/PC with The top 3 reasons to play Forza Horizon 4: Deluxe Edition Drive over 450 cars from 100 different manufacturers. Race throughout the open world and create your own custom routes. The Forza Horizon 4 Deluxe Edition brings you the ultimate driving experience: including 42 cars in the Car Pass and 7 additional specially designed drift vehicles to tear up the track. What to know before buying Forza Horizon 4: Deluxe Edition Play anywhere with both Xbox One and Windows 10 compatibility. Redeem one code and play on all of your compatible devices. What’s included with Forza Horizon 4: Deluxe Edition? The Forza Horizon 4 Deluxe Edition digital bundle includes: Forza Horizon 4 Base Game for Xbox One/PC Car Pass Formula Drift Car Pack. Is there a region lock for Forza Horizon 4: Deluxe Edition? No the game is available worldwide. How will I receive my instant download for Forza Horizon 4: Deluxe Edition? After payment has been approved your game key will be included in your order confirmation email. You can access your key by following the link in that email and then you can activate it on its corresponding platform. If you’ve pre-ordered a game your key will be sent to your chosen email a day before the official (or early access) release date. You will also receive a notification by email when your key is available. How do I activate the key for Forza Horizon 4: Deluxe Edition on Xbox One/PC? For Xbox One: Load the “Home” screen (make sure you’re signed in to your Xbox Live account) and navigate right to “Store”. In “Categories” select “Games”. Choose the “Use a code” option. Select the option to “enter the 25 character code” and enter the code you received in your confirmation email. For PC: Load a web browser and navigate to this address: Sign in with your Microsoft account credentials. Enter the game code in your confirmation email and click “Next” then follow the prompts to confirm. You can find additional support for your Xbox Live account here: Forza Horizon 4: Deluxe Edition details Also included with the Forza Horizon 4 Deluxe Edition bundle is the Car Pass. This huge add-on brings 42 additional cars for you to race collect and customize. The Deluxe Edition of Forza 4 brings you the Formula Drift Car Pack. This add-on comes with 7 high powered cars that are specially designed to tear up the road (and their tires!). Forza Horizon 4 is the latest addition to this iconic game franchise. Race on historic British tracks and experience the thrill of this massive open world game that you can explore by yourself or with friends. As you play you will notice that the seasons change in Forza Horizon 4. With each season comes new challenges and experiences. Discover exclusive races and Easter eggs as the dynamic seasons shift from Spring to Summer to Fall and Winter. With over 450 cars available from 100 different manufacturers custom user-created race routes ranked races and countless customization options Forza Horizon 4 is the most feature-rich Forza game yet! Want to get a free key for Forza Horizon 4? Our team regularly selects the best comments about a game and rewards that user with a free key. Simply share your feedback in the review tab for a chance to win! What are the system requirements for Forza Horizon 4? MINIMUM for Forza Horizon 4 ProcessorIntel i3-4170 @ 3.7Ghz or Intel i5 750 @ 2.67Ghz GraphicsNvidia GTX 650 Ti or Nvidia GT 740 or AMD R7 250x Memory8GB Disk space65GB SystemXbox One and Windows 10 VRAM2GB RECOMMENDED for Forza Horizon 4 OS:Windows 10 version 15063.0 or higher DirectXDirectX 12 API Memory12GB VRAM4GB ProcessorIntel i7-3820 @ 3.6Ghz GraphicsNvidia GTX 970 or NVidia GTX 1060 3GB or AMD R9 290x or AMD RX 470

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