House Party PC

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You’re invited to our House Party! Come join the adventure and unlock a world of colorful characters dynamic storylines and sexy guests waiting to meet you. Test your wits by making smart choices and you may just get lucky but watch out for Frank! It’s YOUR night! New opportunity or peril could be waiting behind all your in-game choices. Maybe you’ll be a swell guy and help the guests out with their problems or maybe you’ll be a trouble-maker and start some drama? The choice is yours to be well-behaved or completely inappropriate! Come on in… the party’s already started!House Party is a 3D interactive adventure game for adults where your choices will shape the events and outcome to a multitude of possible endings. Every choice you make can lead to a different outcome. Are you ready to test your “game”?The party is underway and the guests are having fun. The only thing missing is YOU. As you walk in the challenge begins. Test your “smarts” your “smooth-talking” and your determination as you unfold each character’s story through conversation and “other means”. The odds could be in your favor tonight… if you play your cards right.How you engage with guests will lead you to a different outcome each time you start a new game. The story is in your hands as your actions dictate the gameplay. You will also be faced with moral dilemmas that yield different outcomes and shape how the story unfolds. House Party will make you think and plan each move.And YES IT’S FUN! After all it is a House Party complete with all the debauchery you’d expect. Be warned there is plenty of foul language tons of nudity fighting party games drinking and sex. It doesn’t pull any punches! You decide who to befriend and who to betray as you unravel each guest’s unique storyline guaranteed to be packed with fun quests and challenges. Each character in the game is fully voice-acted and did we mention hot?House Party is a brilliant 3D game with sexy models and its fair share of witty sarcastic humor. A robust AI allows the characters to respond to a multitude of stimuli and choices you throw at them. This game is going to keep you on your toes with multiple story-paths and different outcomes based on the choices you make.If you consider yourself a story-teller or a game-maker you can customize the gameplay using our Custom Story Creator (found on the Eek! Games website). Craft your own story including full dialogues interactions and logic dictating how the player’s night will unfold. Import your stories into your game and share them with other players. It’s really easy to use and you don’t need any programming experience. Join the many players already creating and sharing stories on the game’s official forum and let them experience YOUR story.

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English, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish – Latin America