Just Cause 2 (PC)


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Rico Rodriguez is looking to start another revolution and he’s not using the usual diplomatic channels. This time it’s the fictional South Pacific island of Panau that needs liberating both from the dictator Baby Panay and Rico’s ex-boss Tom Sheldon. A mix of Grand Theft Auto and Mercenaries once you’re parachuted onto Panau it’s up to you how you complete your mission or whether you just set off exploring. However you play your most important piece of equipment is the new dual-grappling hook which lets you latch onto enemies and vehicles and then attach them to something else. Watching a soldier shoot into the air when you snag him onto a plane or pulling the wheels off a car when you tether it to the ground is just the start as you learn to use your refolding parachute to slingshot yourself around the island. Political change has never been this much fun. Key Features Viva le revolution: Help your lone revolutionary to liberate an entire island from an evil dictator although how much is left of it when you’re done is up to you. New hook: Get to grips with the new grappling hook and parachute combo to attach yourself or your enemies to moving vehicles and create the most dangerous stunts in gaming. Transport tycoon: Take control of more than 100 different vehicles – from speedboats to jeeps tanks and even the new Boeing 737 as you journey across Panau. Even opponent: All-new artificial intelligence makes every mission different with enemies that plan ahead and co-operate and an adaptive difficulty system that adjusts to your ability. Treasure island: 100 square miles of tropical paradise are yours to explore (and blow up) with climates ranging from snow-capped mountains to sandy beaches and dense cities. About the Developer: Avalanche Studios This Swedish studio was founded in 2003 and made a name for itself with the open world action game Just Cause. All of its titles are made using the company’s own Avalanche Engine technology including online hunting simulator The Hunter and forthcoming fantasy adventure AionGuard.

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