Lego Harry Potter: Episodes 1-4 (PC)


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As if Harry Potter’s adventures weren’t magical enough now you can experience his first four years at Hogwarts through the medium of Lego. Similar to the popular Lego Star Wars Indiana Jones and Batman games you can now control Harry and dozens of other famous characters. Each character has their own specialities and abilities from broomstick riding to a wide range of magic. The most important spell though which nearly every character can cast is Wingardium Leviosa which allows you to magically move Lego bricks and build them up into different objects like a wall or a set of stairs. You’ll learn new spells and abilities as you go mirroring Harry’s rise from muggle to master wizard but the game’s a lot less about fighting than the earlier Lego games. Instead the focus is much more on exploration and puzzle-solving with Hogwarts and the other levels filled with an almost endless supply of secrets to uncover and mysteries to solve. Key Features Half term: Relieve all the adventures of the first four Harry Potter books: Philosopher’s Stone Chamber of Secrets Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire. Who’s who: Take control of over 140 Lego-style characters from obvious picks like Harry and Ron to more obscure choices like Hagrid’s dog Fang. Magic school: Learn new spells as you go and mix potions to help solve puzzles – but be careful not to get the ingredients wrong or you might be turned into a frog or worse. Brick master: For the first time you can move individual Lego bricks around and build your own creations using the Wingardium Leviosa spell. Team building: Team-up with a friend and play the whole game together switching characters whenever you want and even playing online on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. About the Developer: Traveller’s Tales This English developer has been around since 1990 often working on movie tie-ins and sequels to already established series. Their biggest critical and commercial success has come from the Lego series of toy and film tie-ins including Lego Star Wars Indiana Jones Batman and Harry Potter.

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