Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 13 (PC)

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ABOUT THIS GAME Lightning Returns is the closing chapter of the Final Fantasy XIII saga and the last battle with Lightning as the protagonist. The end of the trilogy presents a new world endless personalization options and incredible combats loaded with action. The world is gradually submerged in a sea of ​​chaos and in 13 days there will be nothing left. Although the planet is condemned there is still hope for its inhabitants. After centuries in a state of crystallization our heroine has just awakened: a legendary warrior with the divine mission to save the souls of humanity. Your name: Lightning. Having been blessed with incredible strength and an arsenal of new weapons it has everything it needs for the upcoming battle.Everything except time. And now he must make a difficult decision … * List of downloadable content included in this version of the game: Archetype Cosmocrator Archetype Reina moguri Sumo Redeemer Archetype Archetype Yuna (FFX-2) Cloud Archetype (FFVII) Archetype Yuna (FFX) Archetype Tomb Raider Archetype Ikazuchi Odoshi Oniyasha archetype Kongo Bosatsu archetype Archetype Utsusemi Archetype Furinkazan Archetype Fushikaden Archetype Tenkafubu The archetype “Aeris (FFVII)” is not included. This archetype is not expected to be available in the future. The PC version will also include all the downloadable contents of the original version for consoles *: voices in Japanese costumes shields weapons etc. Characteristics of LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII: Lightning under your controlImproves the appearance skills and actions of the playable character Lightning by combining different weapons and outfits that will be reflected on the map in combat and also in cinematic scenes. An action-oriented battle systemDominates the dizzying battle system and controls Lightning as never before blocking dodging and counterattacking strategically and with great precision. Explore fascinating placesThe world of Nova Chrysalia is made up of four very different regions with impressive landscapes and multiple choices that will make each player’s experience different. Familiar charactersThe characters of the previous installments of FINAL FANTASY XIII Serah Hope Snow Noel Sazh Vanille Fang Caius and Yuul will return in the final chapter of the Lightning saga. Warning: This version of the game does not present changes or additions to the original story of LIGHTNING RETURNS FINAL FANTASY XIII. Supports Dolby® Digital compatible sound cards. This version of the game includes some of the downloadable content of the original. In this version the players will receive the objects with which originally it was awarded to those who had saved data of the previous games of the series independently of whether they possess such data or not. It does not include features for Square Enix Members or for social networks. It is not possible to change the names of chocobos map markers or archetypes. Main features of LR: FFXIIIGraphic options for high-end PC .: – Rendering resolution. – Adjustment of the display area. – Shadow processing. – Textures filters. – Color correction. – Depth of field. – Illumination. – Brightness. Compatible with full screen and window modes. It supports a maximum speed of 60fps. Supports high definition with a maximum resolution of 3840×2160.

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