Rayman Legends Xbox One – Digital Code


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Get your instant download with This product includes Rayman Legends. The top 3 reasons to play Rayman Legends Join Rayman on his next adventure as he’s transported to mythical worlds. Run and jump your way through each unique world to save the day. Enjoy exciting and engaging gameplay features in this fun platformer. About Rayman Legends When Rayman Globox and the Teensies discover a mysterious tent filled with captivating paintings they are suddenly transported to a series of mythical new worlds! Join them as they run jump and slap their way through each world to get home save the day and discover the secrets of the legendary paintings! ou and three friends can seamlessly jump in and drop out of the action for non-stop fun! Battle dragons and other epic creatures in an extra dimension! They can attack from all angles so you’ll have to be on top of your game to defeat them. Jump to the beat of a drum punch to the bass line even zip-line during amazing guitar riffs. Timing and rhythm is the key to beat these maps set to original and licensed musical tracks. Connect with your friends through an endless variety of challenges through five different stages that will test more than your skill and speed! Return for new challenges both daily and weekly and check the leaderboard to see where you rank around the world. Read more What are the system requirements? MINIMUM Xbox Live account Xbox One Broadband internet connection

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