Teddy Together 3DS – Game Code (EU & UK)


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Get your instant download with CDKeys.com This product includes Teddy Together – Game Code (3DS). Note: This is the Europe version. The top 3 reasons to play Teddy Together – Game Code This game involves a teddy bear that you have to care of by feeding it dressing it and much more. You’ll get to interact with the bear as the bear asks you questions in regular conversations. This is a nice game that can give you a relaxing feeling as you care for your teddy bear. About Teddy Together – Game Code The magic begins when a teddy bear is delivered to the players house immediately the teddy bear springs to life and starts to talk! This inquisitive little bear wants to learn more about friendship and will often ask the player questions about their favourite hobbies and food remembering their answers and bringing them up in later conversations! You can also introduce Teddy to your friends and family by handing them your Nintendo 3DS family system. Your friends and family can give answers that Teddy will remember and even mention later on. Teddy loves to eat so make sure to keep his belly full! A wide range of meals can be prepared by playing minigames via the touchscreen. Once cooked the player can feed Teddy but be careful: sometimes the food might be too hot and will need to be cooled down by blowing into the microphone. Life as a Teddy can get messy and he loves to take baths to stay squeaky clean! A large selection of tops hats shoes accessories and more are available so the player can dress Teddy however they wish. There are also different fur colours to unlock so you can give your Teddy a whole new look! Teddy Together is compatible with certain amiibo figures. Tap a figure once a day to receive coins with these coins you can purchase special lollies that unlock new fur colours clothes and even seeds to plant in the garden! Read more What are the system requirements? Nintendo account Broadband internet connection for online play

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