TrackMania² Stadium PC

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With over 12 million players Stadium is the all time favorite racer on PC. A classic needs to stay true to its roots. The acclaimed gameplay of Stadium remains identical: same speed same controls same blocks! This core experience is improved by ManiaPlanet: better graphics and more tools for the community. Lots of competitions new maps and game modes. The most creative community on PC can now benefit from ManiaPlanet cutting edge technologies. Features: Classic Gameplay UnalteredRediscover the racing feel from the original TrackMania Nations Forever. Accelerating braking navigating tight corners and surfaces stay unchanged. Enhanced Graphics Benefiting from the latest technologies from day to night sunrise to sunset. Stadium feels more realistic and even more beautiful than ever. Unleash your CreativityGrasp the latest ManiaPlanet technologies available in the Stadium: create a track add custom 3D models publish your pack then share on ManiaPlanet. Competition for EveryoneCompetitions made by players like you for players like you. A new official ranking for competitive gaming and ingame recognition for teams. Competitive gaming is now for everyone everywhere.

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